Hi there.  Not going to spend too much time, but obviously you've stumbled across my site one way or the other.  If you want to know more about me, wander over to my about me page.  You should be able to see some links to the various social networks I'm invovled with over on the right.

Expect to see some post about technologies, libraries, and the occasional personal note like how wonderful my wife is or something cute my dog has done. You know, like stop for a belly rub in the middle of an agility run.

I had a blog for a while over at http://codexmonkey.blogspot.com/.  I thought about importing those posts into this blog, but I decided since I hadn't posted over a year and and a half I would do a fresh start.  I might import certain posts from time to time in here as a look back at the classic.

AuthorJon Gorman