I'm Jonathan Gorman, although I more frequently go by just Jon.  

I've been interested in both computers and libraries for a long, long time.  I used whatever excuse I could to interact with computers growing up.  I still fondly remember puttering around with Logo and Apple ]['s in elementary school.  I remember being jealous of kids who had modems and who parents let them dial into the local bbs.  I wound  up with an undergraduate degree Computer Science at the University of Minnesota at Morris.

My twin love, the library, was always present as well.  It was a favorite destination as a child and as soon as I had the freedom to explore beyond my neighborhood I was biking to the public library.  In middle school and high school, I'd ended up sneaking away to the Library at Winona State University, where I ran into the excellent librarian Kathryn Sullivan, who taught me how to use these massive stacks of paper indexes and this new-fangled cd technology that could hold amazing amounts of information.  Within a few years, we'd be accessing massive amounts of content online and she'd be showing me her book on her Rocket e-Reader.

After getting my undergraduate in computer science, I decided to give into the temptation and become a librarian.  On telling to a friend, they replied "Well, at least you won't run out of reading material."  I got my Master's of Science in Library and Information Science from the University of Urbana - Champaign.  Shortly after graduating the school, the University Library offered me a job.  I've weathered a  few job description changes and a couple of re-organization and I now split my time between our Software Development Group and our Infrastructure Management & Support groups.  I spend my time doing projects like manipulating a few million MARC records, convincing our library system to recognize when a book is really both "new" and available for our users, and convincing our web server it actually does want to serve pages.


The slightly eccentric in the byline of this site comes from personal assurance of others that I'm a bit unusual, but "in a good way".  I'm an avid gamer, although I haven't kept up with either console or pc gaming.  in the past few years instead I've been enjoying more board and card games.  You can find me over at BoardGameGeek as jtgorman.  I've attempted to learn more about cooking, with side trips into brewing and sausage-making.  I've still got quite a bit to go on that front, but I'm making progress.

I hope you have fun around the site and feel free to drop me a line at jonathan.gorman@gmail.com.