Reputation: 20 (discount of 4 on items in the store)
Gloomhaven Prosperity Level: 5


  • First Steps

  • Jerserah's Plan

  • The Drake's Command

  • The Voice's Treasure

  • The Drake's Treasure

  • Following Clues

  • Through the Ruins

  • Stonebreaker's Censer

  • Redthorn's aid

  • The Voice's Command

  • High Seas Escort



  • City Rule: Militaristic

  • Ancient Technology (23of 5)

  • The Power of Enhancement

  • Water-Breathing

  • Artifact Recovered

  • Artifact Cleansed


        Probably side-quests?

  • Shrine of Strength #15 - Saw while looking over at another quest while at the mountains

  • Decaying Crypt #6          - A crypt that even the gloom cult marked dangerous (maybe we'll get in their good favors if we clean it up?)

  • Underwater Lagoon #64 - Misty Seas - Random side quest

  • Pit of Souls #62 - needed to retire the spellweaver

  • Mecrhant Ship- #74 The party was approached by a person who needs protection from pirates on the high seas.

  • Well of the Unfortunate #69 - random side quest

       Possible major plot paths

       The Voice   (See Echo Chamber #24)

  • Decrepit Woods #32 - Lingering Swaps - Follow the maps and images implanted in our heads from the weird disembodied voice to find the vessels to make it corpreal.  It absolutely swears they just want to leave this plane, not wreck calamity.

  • Shrine of the Depths #30 - MIsty Seas - Orrrr.... we could see if anyone could find out anything about this voice before we all start running errrands for it.

       Following Gloom cult's Elemental Activities (See #31 in completed quests) 


  • Tribal Assult #44 - Check out the other Orchid tribes to see if they're safe from slavers

  • Shadow Weald #48 go straight to the point where the evil was being used in Dagger forest

  • Doom Trench #37 - Misty Sea - Deep under the sea is one of the points that Gloom cult was powering with the corruption of the Element Artifact

  • Treacherous Divide #39 - Copperneck - third point used by the Gloom cult


      Following Gloom cult's Necormancy - See #5) 

  • Ruinous Rift #27 - 

  • Plane of Elemental Power #10  - jump through the portal (in copperneck mountains)

       Unlocked, but missing pre-reqs

  • Ruinous Rift - Artifact needs to be lost

  • Outer Ritual Chamber 28 E-4 Dagger Forest (Has a prereq Party Achievement "Dark Bounty")

  • Gloomhaven Battlements A - Fight for the Evil based on vision  - missing a prereq

  • Gloomhaven Battlements B - Fight against the Evil based on vision - missing a preq 


  • Clockwork Grove #66 2

  • Ruinious Crypt #5 - #28

  • Plane of night #31 - treasure chest #69




Complete (edge of Corpsewood)

Bandits and undead, weird cult of Gloom dedicated to raising undead for unknown reasons

We got treasure chest 07 - unlocked Clockwork Cove


  • Barrow Lair    - #2

  • Clockwork Grove - #66    

Party Achievement:

   First Steps



(west of Gloomhaven and Corpsewood, on edge of Misty Sea)

Running, stepping on pressure plates, and general stress

Left behind:

2 Treasure chests

Global Achievement

Ancient Technology (1 of 5)



Complete - (Corpsewood)

Killed the Bandit leader

Got treasure chest #67


  •     Inox Encampment #3

  •     Crypt of the Damned #4


  •     +10 gold

  •      +1 prosperity



Complete  Dagger Forest

Thieving Inox, which we punished by death at request of Jerserah...till we came to the room of screaming children

Left behind

       1 treasure chest Treasure Chest retrieved in replay - contained Horned Helm

New Locations: 

  •      Gloomhaven Warehouse #8

  •  Diamond Mine #9  - Can no longer be played in Campaign Mode due to pre-reqs

Party Achievement:

      Jerserah's Plan


  •       +15 gold

  •       +1 prosperity



City guard member, Argeise, recommend we snoop at a warehouse. In it, we found undead and a very, very  angry Jerserah. She yelled that she's going to destroy the city's military rule with an army of undead using the notes of the cult of Gloom. Then jumped out a window

Got 1 treasure chest (#51) - Random Side scenario - Journal describing demon-infested isle   #70 Chained Isle

New Locations:

  •    Vibrant Grotto #7

  •    Temple of the Seer #13

  •    Frozen Hollow #14

Global Achievement

   The Merchant Flees


+2 reputation

Argeise recommends we seek a enchanter to help find where Jerserah has fled to stop her plans



(Still  River)

Investigating some leads from #2, found the Crypt of the Damned

Left Behind: 

   1 treasure chest


  Ring of Skulls from treasure Chest #38

New Locations:

  •    Ruinous Crypt #5

  •     Decaying Crypt #6 



( Misty Seas) 

Demons, demons everywhere.  Chased by the spirits bound by them, we managed to kill all the demons.  And get some treasure!


  Gained Hooked Chain from treasure chest #06


   +2 prosperity (sailors dare now to come closer, after no longer hearing the wails of the cursed



 (Copperneck Mountains)

Following up on some leads on an enchantress who could scry on Jekserah's location, we went to the Crooked Bone and met Hail.  She's less than pleasant and definitely odd.  She says she needs an orb before she can do much of anything.  So we trek to the Frozen Hollow, klll a bunch of things, and get the Orb. 

We bring it back and it turns out she can use it to give us cool powers. But the spellwork requires a crazy amount of gold...


   Treasure Chest #20 - 20 gold

Global Achievement

  The Power of Enhancement



(Near lake that feeds /ends Still River)

After running some errands in town, we returned to Hail to gather the information on Jekserah.  Hail then informed us she needed bitterroot for her scrying spell, a rare and expensive herb. Thankfully she knows where we can get some.  There we discovered Forest Imps are pain and Cave Bears are really, really surprisingly fast. We managed to gather bitterroot and run.  After reminding Hail who we were, she does a scrying spell  and tells us where Jekserah is hiding.


New Location:

  Necromancer's Sanctum 20 (H-13) Deep in Corpsewoods



 (Watcher Mountains)  - INCOMPLETE

Some of our leads talk of a Temple where a mysterious force will answer one question from those who faced all the challenges. Members of the religion of the White Oak will travel there, and many will simply ask the seer to guide them.

The Brute and the Sorceresses thought perhaps some verification on Jekserah's location might be good. And just maybe there might be some nice treasure...that perhaps the Scoundrel really didn't need any more of.

It turns out, the Seer is rather grumpy.  And surprisingly straight-forward.  Instead of puzzling trials, his booming voice came from nowhere and said to come back in 12 years.  Then, without much hesitation, he summoned a bunch of critters.  Most were very unhappy to longer be where they were, snacking on goodies like salmon.  They tried to take it out on our faces.

After being poisoned, mauled, and mauled again, the Brute and Sorceresses nearly defeated all the enemies, but fled before the third mauling could happen.



  Valuable experience...20 experience from treasure chest #10

Left behind:

  Whatever we would have gotten for completing the scenario



In Corpsewood (although scenario says Daggerwoods...)

Jekserah had been busy surrounding herself with undead.  Thankfully, we managed to make her dead.  Without the puppy we picked up along the way getting too scared.

She did manage to make a cryptic comment, "You have no idea what's coming..." right before she passed.

We returned her head to the Captain of the Watch, who apparently has a whole lot of problems. There's rumors of a dragon or dragons on the northern mountain pass. None of his men want to investigate.  Then there's the poison in the town's water supply that's a bit concerning, as well as all the snakes and sentient slimes that have been rapidly multiplying in the surrounding sewers...

Left behind:

  A treasure chest Treasure Chest retrieved later


  •    20 gold each

  •    +2 reputation

  •    +1 prosperity

New Locations:

  •    Mountain Pass 16 B-6 (Copperneck mountain)

  •    Abandoned Sewers 18 C-14 (Gloomhaven)

  •    Outer Ritual Chamber 28 E-4 Dagger Forest


On our last quest twe headed out to investigate the reports of a dragon in the Copperneck mountains.  On our way in a narrow pass we were ambushed by a forced landslide by a group of Inox. Once in battle, we discovered they were allied with Wind and Earth Demons...very odd for Inox.

Icecrag Peak, the site of the dragon reports still stands tall in the north, but still there's tugging further into the tunnels, a subtle but insistent tug calling to explore the dark tunnels we found further .....

We got:

Treasure chest 01 (Well, the scoundrel got it ;) ).

Left behind: Nothing! 

New Locations (Both deeper in Copperhead mountain)

  • Echo Chamber #24

  • Icecrag Ascent #25



The temple got completed.  Now we can continue to contribute to the temple and the prosperity of the town will increase.


On our last adventure, we continued our hunt for a dragon that was spotted up in the Copperneck mountains.  On nearing the summit of the mountain we ran into an incredible blizzard. As we trudged through that, we found ourselves pursued by wolves.  We managed to elude them...only to find we had stumbled into a nest of drakes.  Being surrounded, we decided to flee.  We managed to escape through the Sorceress' liberal use of spells and a quick disarm of a trap on a chokepoint.  Even the Brute managed to stumble into a nice pile of drakescales that seem to make a nice helm. He even seems to be thinking a bit more with it on...

Of course, as we walked out of the blizzard by walking out of the very clouds, we encoutered a very large..not dragon. In a rather surprisingly calm and very intimidating voice, the large winged lizard convinced us that it really couldn't be a dragon, but an overgrown drake. That's a completely different type of thing.

The drake is greatly irritated as some Savvas have stolen some flame glands from him (her?) whilst it slept. They would like it very much if we would go retrieve them from the Savvas, and killing and hurting as many of them as we can in the process.

Turns out none of us are too interested in zoology, but we were intrigued by some mention of treasure...and as the Scoundrel pointed out, we can always fight another day. 

Looted treasure chest #58 for Drakescale Helm, which turns muddles into strengthens

Gained Party Achievement:

The Drake's Command

New Locations:

  • Savvas Armory #34 (in Copperneck Mountains) - if we choose to hunt Savvas 

  • Scorched Summit #35 (also in Copperneck Mountinas)  -no longer available


An attempt at sneaking quickly became a smash and grab.

Party Achievements:

  •   The Voice's Treasure

  • The Drake's Treasure


The Brute and Sorceress decided to take advantage of some downtime to go tackle the issues that the City Guard were talking about in the sewers.  After tackling so, so many snakes and some oozes, they stumbled into a room with a bunch of Vermlings surrounding an entrance to humongous tank of water.

A fight immediately ensured.  The Brute took a small break from combat to grab some plans for a fancy-dancy necklace that must be some magic stuff.  (New item available in the shop). We took care of the Vermlings, but found no trace of poison or vials on their clothes

We got:  Treasure chest 63 - Random Item - jewelry that generates elements

We unlocked the following scenarios:

  • Deep Ruins #23 - There's a large crack in the room that seems to lead to a deeper network of tunnels.  Is this where the Vermling came from?

  • Drake Nest #43

  • Ancient Cistern #26

Now, if we could just breath underwater, maybe we could explore the cistern and find the source of the poison. That sounds like the kind of weird, bizarre experiment Hail might be up to.  Of course, she'll probably want us to run another one of her crazy errands first.


The Brute has begun to hear songs and stories echo among his Inox brethren of his ferocity in battle and his mastery of the gastrointestinal fighting style. Indeed, even non-Inox bards seem to be flocking around him to hear more of his stories.   His life-long dream has been completed,  he now spends his days regaling tales in the Sleeping Lion as well as trekking out on tour. (Great freebies)

I've unlocked the musical note box, which is unsurprisingly a bard, but somewhat surprisingly that bard is a Quatryl. 

The Town Records book is also unsealed, which starts to tell the history of gloomhaven.



While the main party preps for raiding the next necromancy lair of Gloom, they decided to task the junior members with continuing to explore the source of poisons.


They visited Hail, who was grumpy till she was distracted by the idea of waterbreathing. Apparently she had an idea, but needed a lot of drake scales.  Thankfully there's a known drake nest in the dagger forest.


While they were on the way, Tecnise convinced her partner to take a side trip explore the Inox encampment we've visited previously. We gained via the treasure chest a design for a horned helm that's available in the store.


Also, on the way to the nest, they found the body of the brother that went missing (a card added from an earlier city event).  We buried the body and returned jewelry to the brother.  (Gained +2 reputation)


The drakes nest provided some nifty boots to Tac, which allow him to move over difficult terrain without penalty. There were also enough scales gathered that Hail was able to make us a bunch of orbs that we have to lodge in our throat but then allow air to be filtered out of the water.  (Global Achievement - Water Breathing - we can now do the Ancient Cistern mission in Gloomhaven if we want)



In Gloomhaven

With the aid of our water-breathing equipment, the Soothsinger and the Scoundrel went to investigate the source of the poison.  Fighting our way through masses of oozes and undead, we stumbled into room filled with Night Demons and evil little Imps.  We slaughtered as many as we could while hacking away at a black slime poisoning several pipes.  Upon cleaning up some of the black slime, we found a message on the wall in strange characters.

On returning to Gloomhaven we visited an expert in languages who seems to think it is describing a foul ritual to aid corruption.  He believes it requires a powerful artifact, the Vessel of the Elements, contained in the Temple of the Elements. 


Party Achievement:

Following Clues

Left Behind

Treasure Chest 66

New Location:

Temple of the Elements #22 (at fork of Serpent's River)


+10 gold each
+1 reputation
+2 prosperity




The Soothsinger and Cragheart ventured through the crack noticed on the party's earlier adventure in the abandoned sewers.  Shortly after squeezing through the crack they heard horrible screeching of alarms. Next some golems started jerking to life and cannons started swiviling...pointing right them going off.  The soothsinger had heard of this happening before and the Cragheart and  Bard had to dash separate ways to hit the pressure plates to stop the alarm.

Some more investigating and an overland route was discovered that lead to the pipe room that we already cleaned of poison.


Treasure Chests:TH

  •  Unlocked a new weapon design (don't remember off hand)

  • Set off an explosion..


Global Achievement:

Ancient Technology (now have 2 of 5 to open an envelope)

Party Achievement

Through the Ruins


The Cragheart and the Soothsinger decided to investigate the Gloom cult and see what they have been up to.  However, on the way they discovered, by accidentially dropping thorugh a sudden hole the the ground, a series of caves and an odd orb.  (Road Event - added in some another event).

We encountered a group of cultist standing around  dark and onimous hole that lead to pitch-black and seemed to be growing larger, filling us with dread. We set to work killing the cultists and their elemental demons.

The feeling of dread lessened after our bloody deeds and the hole seems to have stablized.

Discussion came up that it looked like we could...just step through.  Or we could go the probably wiser route of asking Hail to help us closeit.

Left Behind:

Treasure Chest #28

New Locations:

 Plane of Elemental Power (10) - in Copperneck Mountain - if we step through the portal

Forgotten Cyrpt  - in the Lingering Swamps (an Escort mission where we need to get Hail to something)


The Scoundrel and the Soothsinger went out to check out the information gleaned from the runes leftover from the ritual found when hunting for the source of poison.  Could this too be the work of Gloom.  Hail said that it centered around an artifact of power. 

We weren't the first ones there.  The Gloom cult was arleady there and were in the process of some obscure ritual that seemed to be drawing power from altars scattered throughout the temple.  The Soothsinger and Scoundrel managed to destroy the temple, causing the elemental demons to disappear and the cultists to flee.

The Artifact of the Elements though felt...alive. And tainted. And sad. We carefully stowed it away...but we all had visions of a great battle involving evil in Gloomhaven where it could be useful...but which side should we fight on.

Perhaps a wiser idea would be to consult with Hail and see if she can help remove the corruption before we do anything with this..


Opened treasure chest 21, which blew up in the Scoundrel's face.  Ouch.

Global Achievement

Artifact - Recovered

New Locations

Gloomhaven Battlements -A - 35 - fight for evil in Gloomhave

Gloomhaven Battlements B - 36 - fight against evil in Gloomhaven

Plane of Night - #31 - Gloomhaven


The Scoundrel and the Soothsinger decided that perhaps rather than mucking around with a really dangerous artifact, they'd let the only enchantress we know crazy enough to deal with something like this help us. Hail, still appearing as a ghostly apperation, sent the into the Plane of Night to cut the tendril of black magic connecting the artifact to that plane.

The Scoundrel was in their element, using the darkness to dance around the varoius nightmare creatures and severed the connection.  The Soothsinger played some distracting heavy metal, causing the enemies to be distracted and flustered and managed to get some good wacks in as well.

As the connection severed, Hail felt the evil leave the artifact as well as sensing three sources that were pulling at the artifact fade... She described them (see new locations) and marked them on the map


Left treasure chest #69

Global Achievement:

Artifact Cleansed

New Locations: 

Doom Trench #37 - deep under the Misty Sea

Slave Pens #38 - in dark recesses of Dagger Forest

Treacherous Divide #39 - high up in the Copperneck Mountains


Attempted by the Cragheart and Soothsinger, but failed.  Did get some treasure though, which was sold back to the store.



The Scoundrel, Spellweaver, Soothsinger and Cragheart accompanied Hail to the Forgotten Crypt, following up on our discovery of a rift into the Elemental Plane in adventure #5. In a tight race through the crypt against undead and cultists, we managed to get to where the Stonbreaker's Censer was, a powerful artifact Hail used to wipe out our remaining enemies.  


The scoundrel managed to get some nice gold from treasure chest #17.


Ruinous Rift #27

Party Achievement:

Stonebreaker's Censer,


+1 Prosperty, which got us to Prosperity Level 4.



Whenever Gloomhaven seems to be doing just a bit better, getting weathier and a bit more booze, it always seems a good tiem to visit the Town Records Archive. We've been keeping a log of the members of our social club, the Gloomhaven Sluggers.  (An edited version of this, a bit more offical and of course certain incidents...less reported).  

Dominic, the head (and only) scribe, seems to be having some issues on his book on Gloomhaven's history.  He's trying to figure out why there's so much military presence still in Gloomhaven when most other major cities have shifted to guilds or government run by merchants. Especially puzzling here given the wide variety of commerce and trade that comes through gloomhaven.

He's hoping some of the pressure the military will relent if he can get some patronage of some of the weathy in the area. He's a likable chap...and hasn't charged us for keeping our books, so the Spellweaver and Soothsinger decided to invest when Dominic recommended a noble come to us who hasn't heard from one of his farms in over a week that is in a secluded area in the south.

Stepped into the large orchard...and turns out there were living oozes....over everything. And they (or just it?) noticed us immediately. Each of the trees seem to be infested with colonies dropping members.  And apparently fairies find the stuff delicious and didn't like us attempting to clean it up.  And even more fun...snakes!  Poisonious snakes just rolling around like pigs in the mud.

After a series of very, very lucky breaks, the Spellweaver and Soothsinger beat the last tree into submission when all the oozes screamed and died, seemingly connected somehow.  We didn't investigate, preferring to stagger off to rest. Hopefully it's enough to get D some more funding.



+1 reputation

+ 1 prosperity


The Gloomhaven Sluggers decided to investigate the mysterious draw of evil from the artifact that Hail traced back to one of three locations. As Dagger Forest is the most familiar, the Scoundrel, Spellweaver, Cragheart and Soothsinger headed out to see where it was coming from.  Hail recommended a guide, but upon coming to where the villiage was supposed to be, we just discovered ruin and a begriefed Orchird.  He dashed ahead, foolishly, and nearly got himself killed.  With some quick guardwork, most of the party forged ahead while the Soothsinger cleaned up the rear.

Party Achievements

Redthorn's Aid

New Locations

Tribal Assault - #44  - Redthorn is concerned about the slavers possibly visiting other Orchirds. He'll help us investigate where the dark energies of the artifact were going, but would like to check on the way.

Shadow Weald - #48 - Daggor Forest


After the completion of assisting Redthorn, Tecnise the Soothsinger had a confession. She had joined the party in hopes of tracking down a group of bandits that had slaughtered her villiage woodland traders in pusuit of gold.  She found while chasing down the Inox Shaman tattered purple cape wiith the markings of the bandits.  She implored the group to assist her in her bloody revenge.

Following the trial, bandits were encountered and the slaughter began


10 collective gold


Bandit's Woods #56


The group made quick work of the various bandits, drawin ever closer to the center of the camp.  In there, we stumbled across an group of caputred Orchids being tortured.  Despite their wounds, they quickly rallied at seeing their captured distracted and proved valuble allies.  They have sworn that their tribe will always be willing to help the Gloomhaven Sluggers.  Meanwhile, Tecnise has struck out from Gloomhaven, her songs seemingly lighter than before,


Doomslayer Orchid

10 Gold each

+2 reputation

Tecnise Retired!


After selling some loot to at the market, a vendor gave a strange coin.  After taking it all around town with no information, the group headed back ot the Sleeping Lion.  While pondering it over a table, a Aesther commented that it wasn't really a coin, it was instructions on how to get to somewhere called "The Temple of the Eclipse."  The Scoundrel perked up on hearing that and insisted that we check it out.  A new member of the party, a Sunseeker, also showed interest in tagging along.

Turns out, too much light and dark engeries make a Savvas go a little cray-cray.  We found a swarm of sun and night demons being spawned out of a chest of an insane Savvas called the Colorless. After a slog through the temple to reach him, we finally took care of the pesky insanity problem. (Death is a great cure).


10 experience each



The Scoundrel announced that at long last her quest was complete and that she had met all the demons that her family had long claimed existsed even at times when they were ridculied for their beliefs, and slaughtered all the types of demons. She could now concentrate on the pastime of just gathering coin.  There's more of that in more civilized lands than Gloomhaven, so she left the Sluggers for now.

Bob the Cragheart, overcome with joy with helping two of his Sluggers met their life-goals, decided it was time to take it a little easy as well.



Once,, while sent to find and slay a dragon terrorizing the mountains (and only finding a fire-breathing, talking, flying, very, very large drake who we decided to let live), the party felt a powerful tug to explore some caverns.  However, some of the newer memebers have begun to dream and feel that tug and the spellweaver encouraged them to go onwards..hinting at some connection to the swamps.

Soon, the new group of sluggers were lost, but being lead by flashes of images and a voice, claiming it was being bound by powerful voices. However, if we could just visit certain patches of a mysterious lingering fog, we would break some enchantments holding it bound.

It turns out there weren't just a few creatures, but a massive group of living spirits surrounded by oozes and drakes.  The Sunkeeper decided to make a heroic stand, screaming at the  Elementalist and the Doomstalker to run forward.  She turned and to strike against the massive conglomeration of foes. Well, more like took a few steps, discovered that a hammer didn't actually reach very far and didn't do much against stinging acid and whatever those weird spirit darts were and collapsed in a heap.

The rest of the party grabbed some loot and treasure while running and dodging the enemy and also managing to dispatch a good number of them by not bring a giant hammer to an acid-slinging fight..  

After opening the mystical doors, a set of great winds gathered and started whipping around, destroying every single creature aside from the Sluggers.  The Voice asked us for another favor, to retrieve certain vessels hidden away from his ancient enemies. Touching on our feelings that maybe that was a really bad idea, it assured us that it was not thinking of any calamity, just escaping this plane. And it was going to be really nice and help us out of the place it lead us to.

As the group got out the effects of the voice disappeared and free will returned. There was some discussion on whether we should go fetch this vessel, or perhaps see someone who might know more about this weird voice thing.  And maybe an even better thing is to just leave it all alone. If the Spellweaver is interested in the swamps, the Elementalist found some interesting drawings and notes on a tree in the Lingering Swamps.



Party Achievement - The Voice's Command

Treasure #70 - Random Side Scenario - Toxic Moor - Lingering Swamps

New Locations:

Shrine of the Depths #30 -  Misty Seas - Go find someone who might know about this weird mind-controlling disembodied voice.

Decrepit Wood #32 - Lingering Swamps - Hey, it was really nice for the voice to lead us out. And maybe this place might have some other loot?



After several failed attempts at trying to make progress on tracking down the tombs of evil, it was decided perhaps we need some more loot and experience batling, so we went to go visit the Seer.  After a numerous amount of close calls, we managed to pretty much kill everything the Seer threw at us and he asked us if we wanted great Strength, Wealth, or to know where Jerserah was. Apparently not the greatest Seer, given we killed her a while ago. Wealth sounded good though.

Also, on the way there we did some good deeds and it seems like Gloomhaven grew even in the short time we were gone. (We bumped up two reputation, one prosperity.


Lost Island #17 - Misty Sea (Great Weath)


Abbreviated Log

The keeper of the log “got busy” and slacked on the logs. So, just a list of scenarios completed so far.