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Fun Photo Friday: Obedience and Rally Competition



Last weekend Colleen and V competed in the local Obedience/Rally competition.  They did very well, earning three ribbons.  All V needs to do is to get one more and she has her first title for Obedience!

Sorry for the delay (and the uncropped image, wanted ). 

I might be shifting Fun Photo Friday to be every two weeks since I haven't been able to actually get my act together.  However, part of my motivation for this was to both keep the blog lively and also encourage me to take more photos and actually organize them.



Fun Photo Friday: V being cute

I haven't been too good about snapping pictures, so here's another one of the V-dog.  We'll see, I might end up moving this feature to once every two weeks or once a month.

Fun Photo Friday: V's Hope

Many, many pictures on my phone are of my dog looking up a tree.  Her favorite sport is to chase a squirrel up a tree and sit there.  And sit there. And sit....

And once in a blue moon she'll get excited enough to let out a yip.  Once someone else was panicked she'd hurt herself and we had to explain that's her "I'm going to eat you" squeal/yip.


Fun Photo Friday: Allerton, Episode I.

I've got a post coming soon on some basics of using the yaz-marcdump tool. Meanwhile to tide you over I have not just one, but two photos. Last week's photo reminded me of some photos I took at Allerton last May when we went there for the first time.

It was pretty muddy in the hiking trails, so we ended up first going to see the Foo Dogs. In the fenced in part with ivy V suddenly got obsessed with one spot. I figured I'd take a picture of her sniffing, when all the sudden there was some movement. I managed to snap a picture quickly...

After Colleen and I realized it was quite a young fawn (which was quite hard to see from human height), we got the V-dog away as we didn't want to spook the mother.

And after all that excitement, V got to try out to be a Foo Dog. Didn't have the heart to tell her that Foo Dogs are actually lions. At least the one she posed next to seemed to be impressed by her.


Fun Photo Friday: Allerton 



Yay for hiking trips! Colleen, V and I went to Allerton last Sunday so I could unwind from a morning of doing updates.