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Fun Photo Friday: Obedience and Rally Competition



Last weekend Colleen and V competed in the local Obedience/Rally competition.  They did very well, earning three ribbons.  All V needs to do is to get one more and she has her first title for Obedience!

Sorry for the delay (and the uncropped image, wanted ). 

I might be shifting Fun Photo Friday to be every two weeks since I haven't been able to actually get my act together.  However, part of my motivation for this was to both keep the blog lively and also encourage me to take more photos and actually organize them.



Fun Photo Friday: Pirate Queen Colleen



Yarrr!!!! A photo of Colleen in her Pirate Queen outfit. We made a trip out in the fall to go to a friend's wedding in Minnesota and took the opportunity to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary at one of Colleen's favorite places of all time, the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.




Fun Photo Friday: Allerton 



Yay for hiking trips! Colleen, V and I went to Allerton last Sunday so I could unwind from a morning of doing updates.