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Fun Photo Friday: Temple at Temple Square

Brief post. Took a picture after seeing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.



I'll be at the ELUNA conference next week. I'm hoping to have some Internet access, but I doubt I'll be blogging it as it happens.


Fun Photo Friday: Lou Dog

My brother's dog Louie watching everywhere my Dad walks.

The love seat Lou is on is pretty small, making Lou look bigger than his actual 20lbs or so.


Fun Photo Friday: Pirate Queen Colleen



Yarrr!!!! A photo of Colleen in her Pirate Queen outfit. We made a trip out in the fall to go to a friend's wedding in Minnesota and took the opportunity to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary at one of Colleen's favorite places of all time, the Minnesota Renaissance Fair.




Guest blogging over at Season of the Vegan.

Recently I posted a recipe for green beans and carrots on a few social networks and my friend Ashley asked if she could post it on her blog, Season of the Vegan.  I like cooking, although it feels weird to me to be posting on a vegan blog when I'm not even really vegetarian.  I've never minded too much cooking for my friends who are vegans and I have a few recipes I've accumulated over the years.  Combine that with trying to cut back on eating meat and hopefully I'll be able to keep up posting there every once in a while. If you, like me, are looking for some new things to do with veggies it's worth checking out.

And who knows, maybe I'll get around to posting some of the non-vegan stuff here.