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Fun Photo Friday: V being cute

I haven't been too good about snapping pictures, so here's another one of the V-dog.  We'll see, I might end up moving this feature to once every two weeks or once a month.

Fun Photo Friday: Cows!

The in-laws got cows!  One of these two lead us on a merry chase. Luckily we managed to get him back in the field.  (I also discovered about the right moo sound necessary to get a responding call.)
Sorry for the eye glare.  I'm sure if I had more time I'd figure out how to fix it.  But I wanted to get a photo up.
I'll try to get some galleries up in the next couple weeks of recent trips and the like, no promises though.  This is going to be a busy month.

Fun Photo Friday: V's Hope

Many, many pictures on my phone are of my dog looking up a tree.  Her favorite sport is to chase a squirrel up a tree and sit there.  And sit there. And sit....

And once in a blue moon she'll get excited enough to let out a yip.  Once someone else was panicked she'd hurt herself and we had to explain that's her "I'm going to eat you" squeal/yip.


Unglue.it launched!

Those following me in my various social circles are probably already sick of hearing about this, but unglue.it launched yesterday.  Unglue.it, started by Eric Hellman (aka @GlueJar) and other folks w/ connections to Code4Lib, is a effort to release copyrighted books to the world.  Working with right-holders in a kickstarter style to raise enough money to license an ebook  a creative commons non-commercial license.  It's a way of "front-loading" profits so the author can be compensated for their work, but the world gets access.

They also have a mechanism for adding books to a "wishlist" that will give them an indication of works that people want and what right-holders they should track down.

This is a brilliant way to deal with some of those really important and hard to find out of print books.  For example, I've wishlisted a very good biography by Greg Rickmann of Philip K. Dick called To the High Tower.  It's a work that I stumbled across that's sought out by a small circle of Philip K Dick fans. 

It's not clear if there's enough demand for another printing, but unglue.it offers a chance that it could be made easily available again while also giving the author further profit he's not going to see of this long-since sold out book otherwise.  I have had the good fortune to read it due to the fact I work at a major library that has a ton of access of books, but I know many a sci-fi fan that doesn't have the resources I do.

I also must admit that I'm interested to see if this model works.  I've thought about trying to do a small hobby side business of making value-added public domain works and perhaps doing something similar to unglue.it with near-orphaned copyright works.  However, tracking down right-holders has proved troublesome enough that it's remained in my large bucket o' ideas I'd like to do someday.  I'm hoping unglue.it takes off enough that it'll create a infrastructure that might make it easier to do projects of this nature.

Here's what I'm pledging to:



Fun Photo Friday: Outside in Morning 

Digging through some of my older photos and found this picture I took of the moon.  Given the timestamp I suspect that Colleen and I were walking the couple of blocks to our local voting place last November.

On another note, I'm going to be playing with my format for these posts.  I might only post every two weeks.  It turns out most of my archived photos are of my dog looking at things.  That might be more exciting to me than others.

I'm also trying to take more pictures, but I'm still not much of a photographer.  I'll also try to get some of the photos I took in Salt Lake City.  I just don't want any one "theme" to dominate too long.